what we can do for you


Our team members are all graduates from various institutions in the GTA. We not only specialize in film production, but also marketing and sound design. Metal Monster Productions has produced multiple projects such as short films, music videos and commercials. We also operate a production house that includes the management of our props and set dressings.


Want to develop a potential story or idea with us? Want to invest in a new concept? Metal Monster is always on the look out for potential scripts or ideas to develop into a film. We would love to hear from you and get the ball rolling!


prop rentals

Our company manages and operates its very own production house. Here we can keep track of our wide variety of set dressings, masks, costumes, and many other film quality props that will fit your needs.



Have an idea and want to market it properly? Metal Monster specializes in creating professional looking campaigns and strategies for all its projects. We can develop industry quality posters, trailers, and commercials suitable for what you are looking for.


post production

Need some assistance with post editing on your production? Metal Monster uses industry standard software and equipment for all of its productions. Whether that be for video or audio editing.


For any services you are hoping to utilize from Metal Monster, please contact the team member associated with that department.