When a horrific chain of events brings upon a disturbing death to an anthropology student, the macabre power of an ancient metal mask brings her back from the dead, to graphically right the wrong doers from her former college life.

A homeless teenager stumbles into a boarded up house where she awakes a mysterious alien. To the broken girl, their parent-child bond brings new life, unaware of its dark intentions for her.

A drug-infused, closet sex game takes a sinister turn when demons from another dimension crash a teenager’s party, distort reality and thrive off the slaughter of the innocent.

A band of degenerate rockers perform at the city's most drug-ridden venue. Seduced by groupies the band goes backstage only to later wake up in an unfamiliar place with their bodies deteriorating from the contracted disease.

During a massive temperature drop in 16th Century Scotland, five wounded survivors encounter a lethal, liquid-based entity. After one of them is horrifically consumed by the mysterious creature, they realize it must be extinguished before it devours them all.

A mysterious bird woman outlaw unleashes her vengeance on a flourishing town of 100 scarecrows that stole her family’s land from her. She wants it back before dawn!

The milk carton kids

James, a small town boy meets a group of  teens that will help stage his disappearance after escaping the grasp of his dysfunctional family. On the road to experience the ultimate childhood he arrives at a fork in the road where he must choose between the journey that lies ahead and the life he’s left behind.