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7 Minutes In Hell

Dir. Michael Alexander Uccello

Writ. Michael Alexander Uccello & Adam Kolodny

Stars: --


Genre: Psychedelic Horror

Country: Canada

Language: English

Runtime: --



A troubled group of nineteen-year-olds plot a party for a group of fourteen-year-olds, with the intention of sacrificing them to a dark power, to attain power for themselves. Using the popular "Seven Minutes In Heaven" closet based make-out game, the kids are transported to another dimension, while an army of flesh-eating trickster demons take their place here. The older teens quickly learn that they were being used by the evil demons to enter our dimension, with no interest in helping them. In the middle of this Seniors VS Freshman showdown are two brothers, and their deteriorating relationship. When the kids all transition into the other dimension to look for their friends, an all-out otherworldly psychedelic nightmare ensues, as the kids try to escape Seven Minutes In Hell!